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   Our homes  represent our own space, where energy, calmness and stimulation are found under one roof. The rooms should flow as should the energy from one room to another. This can be achieved through color, feng shui and a lot of dedication and proper pencil / computer design. Make your home shine by adding a window or two, change your window treatments, add that bold color of paint to the walls. Every little change that your make will start changing the way you feel and have your living space affects you. Plants are vital to achieving oxygen and cleaning the air of negative energies coming from the TV and computer. Be confident, brave and informed about feng shui techniques. They have worked for me and I know they will work for you as well.Please remember the rule that : if you are bringing new items into a space you must remove items as well unless you are starting from an empty space or have a lot of space to fill.  The key to success is balance and not every wall needs something adorning it, at least until you find that special piece that you 

   Our mission is to find and bring to you my customers new, different, budget friendly, quality decor and furnishings for your home. A home is like a 3 dimensional canvas, make it come alive with style, comfort, flow and Shipping within the USA is always free. For Canadian residents please email us :saleshomenestdecor@gmail.com for a shipping quote.  Spa gift baskets and log furniture ship for free to and within Canada. 

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                                   Pot and pan rack                                                                                   Mica Shade Table Lamps

                                    Fleur de lis                                                                                   Small electric fireplaces

                                Metal upholstered Bench                                                                    Hammock with Stand

                                      Spa Gift Baskets                                                           Bathroom Space Saving Shelving Unit

                                    Modern Cube Bookcase                                                                     Winerack table

                                   Tealight wall feature                                                      Round infinity mirror

                                     Shoe rack bamboo                                                                         Wooden storage  bench

                              Glass Paperweights                                                                              Art Glass Vases

Plastic water tanks, rainwater harvesting,                          great for the environment! Helping you save money!

Water storage tank and planter, rainwater harvesting - great for the environment! Helping you save money!



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small electric (old stove style) fireplace

$ 175.00 USD

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