Hand blown glass art pieces! Gorgeous glass paperweights and vases for any art collector.                                     Each piece is unique, signed, numbered and custom made for you the customer. These items                                       make excellent gifts !  These one of a kind art pieces will hold their value and will make an excellent heirloom addition to any family.Each hand blown glass piece is signed and numbered by the artist. Items take 4-6 weeks for delivery and since they are custom the size and colour may vary slightly.Glassware can stand alone on a pedestal or in a place to reflect the light. Each piece is functional and very special.Make you choice now for those special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or just because you love it! Free shipping, free delivery is offered on all decorative glass art, decorative glass vases, glass paperweights, within the U.S.A. 

Hand blown glass vase - willow leaves

$ 195.00 USD

gorgeous item! This custom glass vase is contemporary and a very unique piece of art. Fill it with flowers or some willow baranches. It would make an excellent gift


 4-6 weeks delivery


Hand blown custom glass paperweight

$ 180.00 USD

This handblown paperweight is signed, limited in number and would make an excellent gift.

custom pieces may vary shightly in size and colour


ships in 4-6 weeks


Glass paperweight -aqua/clear globe

$ 215.00 USD

gorgeous simple paper weight - hand blown glass


size and colour may vary

4-6 weeks delivery

Hand blown glass perfume bottle

$ 315.00 USD

gorgeous! hand blown perfume bottle -size and colour may vary 

3.5"x 4"

4-6 weeks delivery This would make an excellent gift!

purple vase

$ 495.00 USD

custom hand blown vase gorgeous!

13"x13" very unique - a great addition to any collection!

bowl love

$ 195.00 USD

5"x 2.5"

hand blown glass bowl

great for valentine's day!

4-6 weeks delivery 

ruby leaf vase

$ 285.00 USD

7.25" x 8.5" custom hand blown vase

Different, unique hand blown vase.

hand blown vase made in the USA- free shipping!

$ 540.00 USD

signed, limited number 

size and shape may vary slightly


ships in 4-6weeks

  Glass is often classified as the metal element and shares some of it's qualities. Glass has depth and light reflecting on it and suggests patterns that flow like water. Sand is used in the production of glass, so it can also have earth qualities. All depends on the energetic quality of the particular glass and the use in which it is put.  Placement is also very important. The glass paperweights are to be used functionally to hold down paper and keep it organized. The hand blown glass vases are best used by themselves in that special area that has some natural light or can also be used as a proper flower vase. These are special items,order yours today!